WOSA gives MCC the cold shoulder

MCC makers must have swallowed their corkamorimcork WOSA gives MCC the cold shoulder
by Amorim Cork
s when they read the shameless plug for French Champagne on the front page of Rapport this morning. Bubbly Vania van der Heever quotes retailer Charles Kramer of Norman Goodfellows claiming that Veuve Cliquot sales are up 40% since 2010 while a large bottle store chain (which rules out Chas) says Moet is up 60% – probably on the back of the ANC order for Mangaung. Vania asked Su Birch, head of WOSA, wotsap? and Su replied “South Africans are becoming aware of French Champagne as a status symbol.” Surely not, Su? And what about MCC? Nothing. While Chas will be chuffed at the profits rolling in from French fizz, an industry that pays Su a fat salary would have expected a more positive spin. Hopeless.

IMG 47141 e1356859865758 225x300 WOSA gives MCC the cold shoulder

Which is certainly not the case with the 2010 vintage Chateau Libertas, being modelled above by Daniel Toledo, the dashing Argentinian chef/patron at Il Leone in De Waterkant of Cape Town. What a treat to take a byo out that costs less than the corkage charge and then to have the corkage waived in any event and to be gifted a couple of grappa rutas, as well.

This Chateau is plush and fruity on the tongue with the faintest hint of greenness at the end that hints of Bordeaux seriosity. Of course Chateau will never become a status symbol and so will unlikely ever make the front page of Rapport. But then I’m betting it will be around for a lot longer than either WOSA or Rapport will.