Boycott SA wine online poll in the Guardian

When I voted “no” this morning to the loaded question in an on-line poll in the Guardian “will you boycott SA wine?” “yes” was in the lead 55:45%. In politics, this would look like a landslide in the making and confirms just how badly SA wine is faring in the media battles in its most important wine export destination. Time for WOSA to call in a few favours for all the largesse they dispense to the UK media and request the playing fields be levelled.

boy 194x300 Boycott SA wine online poll in the Guardian

Not that the Groaniad is an impartial observer. The read into the poll goes “agricultural union leaders in South Africa are calling for consumers to boycott wine, grapes and granny smith apples as workers protest against pay and conditions. Many of the 500,000 farm workers on the western Cape are demanding a pay rise from £4.92 to £10.62 a day – will you join the boycott?”