Does the Guardian have it in for SA?

Last week it was a poll asking whether readers would boycott SA wine.  This week, it’s a story on European economic emigration with Botswana described as “like a nicer South Africa.”

boy1 300x213 Does the Guardian have it in for SA?

While interviewing someone with the unlikely name of Shiraz Chakera (34) is a fact of life, cherry picking a quote to bash SA for your headline is not really playing the game.

The really shocking thing about the boycott poll was how many readers voted “yes” (1012 or 59%) and this after many SA winos voted “no.” Perhaps if the apparatchiks paid to promote SA wine had reacted while the poll was open, a decent no-vote could have been mobilized.  Or maybe SA wine is so divided, some of the “yeas” came from SA?