Snakes in Bree Street

There was a whole zoo of real and imaginary animals on the loose in Bree Street, Cape Town, last night as a Dragon was cornered outside the Paul Smith shop on the corner of Wale Street and chased back to its lair on Table Mountain.

IMG 4761 300x225 Snakes in Bree Street
Then it was upstairs to the Shaolin Centre for demonstrations on why it’s best not to cause kak with anyone’s karma followed by a family style dinner of spicy calamari and sweet black beans at Aunty Mary’s iconic Tao Yuan Restaurant in Sea Point. ┬áThis being Cape Town, many of the most fearsome kung fu masters (below) turned out to be vegetarian.

IMG 4778 e1360478190794 225x300 Snakes in Bree Street

I can’t tarry as I have a date with Oliver Wang at Haiku to run through the dim sums being prepared for 300 snake sitters coming to Cape to Canton at the Vineyard Hotel & Spa in Newlands at 4pm. ┬áSee you there!