A WOSA Wish List

Yesterday’s Su shock scoop crashed the Uncorkamorimcork A WOSA Wish List
by Amorim Cork
site. Rosebank nerds are on the case and are confident of fingering the hackers, more to follow. But back to the scoop of Su waving sayonara into a Kalk Bay sunset on April 1.

If the industry decides to continue with WOSA, (after all, can SA wine in reduced circumstances afford plush new Paarl offices for both Vinpro and WOSA as one billionaire asked?), there are ten things (at least) that need to be got right to recover from the current condition of expensive irrelevance.

wosa A WOSA Wish List

1. Wine should be marketed to consumers both inside and outside SA. Soweto is more of a foreign state than Sweden.

2. All stake holders need to make a meaningful input and have their views respected. A board with a backbone would be nice.

3. The distinction between foreign and local wine writers is totally artificial. Electrons recognize no national boundaries as the Department of Health will find out if they succeed in banning alcohol advertising. WOSA’s foreign pets should be put out to pasture.

4. Transparency is essential in the awards of contracts and wines promoted, like those being pimped at ProWein by Tim Atkin, should have been selected blind. The current system is a scandal.

5. Consumers purchase by style, not country, so producer forums like the Pinotage/Chenin Blanc/MCC Association need to be involved.

6. Reactive and incorrect media statements are unforgivable. A new broom is desperately needed.

7. No more hare brain schemes like beer and biltong evenings. Wine is the product. Period.

8. Do not compete against producers (as was the case with the Fundi fiasco) or writers (with the ridiculous braiiboek).

9. Terroir should be emphasized over the expedient export of bulk wine.

10. No more fat cat expense accounts and arrogant posturing, please.