Su, all out at 63

Pretty unsporting of Drinks Business to disclose the age of Su Birch GBH, outgoing CEO of WOSA. When they hailed Su as 48th most powerful woman in wine last year, a veil was drawn over her age and DB had to settle for an inappropriate illustration, shown below for purely educational reasons. Then Su GBH was squashed in between Alison Levett (54) and Isabelle Legeron MW (40) which some commentators put down to cynical payback for the all singing, all dancing freebee to SA to Cape Wine 2012 for Lucy Shaw, the hack who penned the sexist article.

sb 144x300 Su, all out at 63

Now DB dons their ageist credentials and blast Su’s natal statistics all over the interweb. Let’s hope Su’s successor in the WOSA La-Z-Boy recliner will not fall for the cheap marketing trick of giving journos freebees in exchange for spurious awards like the Martian Lifetime Achievement Award for little green persons that stirred André Morgenthal, a 1000-1 outsider for Su’s Platinum SAA Voyager card, to issue WOSA Newsflash #1 for 2013 with the stunning news that Su is actually a Martian. Well it is only the end of the April and not much happens in SA wine in the first four months of the year. Just a harvest, farm worker strike, and so on and so forth.

Note to Tim: GBH stands for “God Bless Her” in the manner of the letters of Evelyn Waugh who died in his 63rd year.