The shock news that Michael Jordaan is closing out as head of FNB comes as no shock at all after the ANC attacked the bank over a TV ad in January and MJ’s chairman Sizwe Nxasana, collapsed faster than a tornado townhouse in Oklahoma with no visible support evident for the CEO by the time first responders appeared. But as builders in tornado alley say, as one door disintegrates, opportunities open up in the building supply trade. And nowhere are MJ’s talents more needed than at WOSA, the body charged with marketing wine, both overseas and locally. Ten reasons why MJ (below, in Riebeek-Kasteel) is the perfect candidate for CEO.

IMG 4231 300x225 MJ for WOSA

1. A generation Xer, MJ will bring fresh vision and new ideas;
2. MJ can gooi Afrikaans, the lingua franca of the industry;
3. MJ likes wine. His Twitter biography reads “banker, economist and wine enthusiast”;
4. Bankers love wine and sponsor every wine-related activity in sight;
5. MJ has a home in Stellenbosch and after budget airline 1Time collapsed, it’s no longer cool to commute between Cape Town and Johannesburg;
6. With mining an on-going Oklahoma scenario, Stellenbosch is shaping up as the business capital for SA;
7. MJ is already a sleeping partner in the Bartinney operation of his wife Rose in the Banhoek Valley;
8. MJ has embraced social media, vital for marketing Bacchus in the new millennium and was one of the backers of Real Time Wine;
9. MJ is credited with turning the retail division of FNB around and the main challenge facing SA wine is to avoid the bulk trap and sell bottles at decent prices – a retail challenge;
10. MJ is a member of the Commanderie de Bordeaux.