Whitey for WOSA

That Shoprite/Checkers is the most dynamic force for wine marketing in SA is confirmed by an invitation to taste wines of the world next week, presented by impresario and importer Michael Fridjhon and giggling gourmet Jenny Morris. More than one wino told me that at Michael’s own WineX last year, the Checkers stall was the most dynamic, confirming that wine trade is all about give and take with imports now a vibrant part of the local scene. Although quite how vibrant they will remain after the recent weakness of the Rand, is moot. Sources claim that turnover at some Checkers stores runs to 30% imports and Oddbins lines, which is a serious challenge to big brand owners.

check 300x260 Whitey for WOSA

With Checkers chief Whitey Basson intronised into the Commanderies de Bordeaux on Tuesday along with Mark Norrish from Ultra, perhaps SA retailers can step in to help out SA marketing efforts which have been left floundering by poor management at WOSA, the exporters’ mouthpiece. For Whitey has the requisite qualifications, being born in Porterville in the Swartland. If he can transform Shoprite/Checkers into the continent’s largest retailer, shifting wine should be a doddle.