Wine Critics Choice

Art luvvies and winos alike braved the weather and mid-week apathy last night to attend the inaugural Wine Critics Choice at the AVA gallery in central Cape Town. Curator Melvyn Minnaar (below) threatens that this may become an annual event. In which case, it would be better done in Johannesburg where rain has less terrors for the trendy. As a curtain wetter for the Jo’burg Art Fair of Ross Douglas makes a lot of sense.

IMG 0522 168x300 Wine Critics Choice

A couple of wines stood out: from Anatu, a savoury white blend called Fugue 2010 made by an Israeli-born winemaker (below). Although the wine itself is not kosher, drinking it is a religious experience.

IMG 0529 168x300 Wine Critics Choice

A 2011 Pinot Noir called Fledge from Philadelphia also impressed as the same wine has two different labels according to the sex of the bird depicted below. Any bets it would get the same score when tasted sighted by Platter?

IMG 0520 300x168 Wine Critics Choice

Still Nederburg will be happy to have Winnie Bowman visualizing their wines for the guide this year as she chose Botanica Chenin Blanc 2012 – a wine I liked so much, I bought a case. And where else but on the art scene can you get a flapper to model your bottle so elegantly?

IMG 0533 168x300 Wine Critics Choice