Charming Chenin from Carinus, by Chance

How is the great unconnected SA public to choose a charming Chenin? Forget about gleaning tips from published wine columns as several high-profile Cape hacks double as undisclosed advertorial writers for Cape Town PR companies. Both parties should be ashamed of themselves. I found a great Chenin today – the Swartland Carinus 2012 – by chance, at Birds on Bree when I was offered a complimentary glass with my rare sirloin and Birds salad (R75). Below are Birds owners Leigh Trout and Kevin Mink with the evidence.

IMG 0571 168x300 Charming Chenin from Carinus, by Chance

This wine has an amazing minerality that makes it more Vouvray than Venterspost. 13.5% alcohol and under R50, Chenin is clearly on a roll and it’s wines like these we’ll feature in our Secret Swartland Show at the Pendock Wine Gallery @ Taj later this year. Chenin is so versatile, it’s the Chef’s favourite and while Sauvignon Blanc is in danger of disappearing up its own acidic fundament, Chenin is generous and well priced.

The Secret Swartland Show is an attempt to save the Swartland from Mammon and those rich and shady wine interests who steal terroir and marketing ideas willynilly and then hire wine writers to punt the product through lavishly remunerated PR companies. Sies! as they say in the Swartland.