Kev Kounts the Kost

Trolls everywhere are shedding a tear for Kev Komputer Kid Kidson who now claims the komment made under his name on his trolling site yesterday “Stop being opportunistic. Typical Dutchman from DuToitskloof, you smous” was actually not made by him, “the real Kevin Kidson” but another “Kevin Kidson.” Of course the two racists are the same person as he approves the komments, so it looks like Kev is a Koward and a Kon too. Oh dear! The kwestion on everyone’s lips is “do real men eat kuiche?”

tp Kev Kounts the Kost

Meanwhile his kottage industry has already lost one website design project and a kouple of newsletters. Knowing the Dutchmen from the wrong side of the Mountain, I also suspect he’ll be hearing more from them real soon for how Du Toitskloof can continue to support this trolling site financially is not clear. After all, these Kaaskoppe were precisely the ones with the kojones to sort out the Franschhoekfranschhoekcellarwines Kev Kounts the Kost
by franschhoekwines
Wine Writers Award
and I’m proud to call them komrades.

Meanwhile Anel and Jan over at are signing up disgruntled producers like krazy as the exodus from Somerset West picks up speed.