Goodwill returns to the Cape

The Zulu royal family are no strangers to the Cape as Mr. Justice Ngwenya (below, left) told the assembled royalty of SA wine this evening in the ballroom of the One&Only. King Cetshwayo was detained on Oude Molen in Stellenbosch between 1881 and 1882 while other royals served time in the Castle. “Rain precedes the arrival of the King” noted the judge and Cape Town certainly got enough of it today with the arrival of King Goodwill (below, centre).

IMG 0720 300x168 Goodwill returns to the Cape

“In the old days, Zulu kings used spears to make a point” said the judge. “Today they use words” and one of the first things Goodwill did on ascending the throne of Shaka on December 3 1971 was to negotiate the legalization of trade unions for black workers. Today he was promoting seven icons of SA wine from some of the toniest producers in the Cape: Anthonij Rupert, De Grendel, Kleine Zalze, Beyerskloof, De Wetshof, Tokara and Vergelegen. Sold as a set of seven bottles, this collection of icons is destined to become the #1 luxury African brand.

Goodwill’s favourite among the seven is the 2012 Chardonnay from Danie de Wet while the 2011 Anthonij Rupert Merlot blew my doors off. I thought the strong suit of Darling was white until I tasted this wine. Wow! The king set a wonderfully sober example at dinner, with barely a sip from each glass. When it came to Reuben Riffel’s rich food, he asked for some simple grilled fish with Robertson’s spices while the calorie-busting dessert was replaced with a plate of fresh fruit. Brandhouse should ask his majesty to act as the patron for their annual responsible drinking campaign. For with 30 million followers, his royal dining habits could change the mortality statistics of the country overnight.