Spier Creative Block Stuns

Off to the AVA last night for a trio of exhibitions: ‘Roadscapes’ | ‘Selfshots’ | ‘Once there was and once there was not’ by Lara Feldman, Hentie van der Merwe and Elize Vossgatter, respectively. The exhibition was opened by Andrew Lamprecht (below) whose uberbling cap coordinated well with the Turkish fairy tales of Elize. The one with the hare looked disturbingly like a Hentie. Must be a Namibian/German archetype.

IMG 1058 300x168 Spier Creative Block Stuns

The liquid highlight of the show was the red wine from Spier which came in two brands called “3” and “5”, both from the 2010 vintage. Caps off to Dick Enthoven and the team for supporting the arts. Although Cape Town punters need to learn manners, as rudely shoving chatters aside to get to the bar, is not on. Even if the shover is an elderly woman – for once not the whale.