Diners Debuts Again

Back at the Grande Roche to judge Diners Club Winemaker of the Year again. This time the foreign eminence is Andre Reboul (below) from the Rhone, who treated us to his soulful 2010 white Chateauneuf du Pape at the customary Bosman’s blow out last night. The mushroom soup was a marvel.

IMG 1090 300x168 Diners Debuts Again

Still not a drop of Van Ryn brandy to be had in the establishment. Is there a shortage of brandy sales people? Perhaps even more surprising, no KWV 5 year old either. Heck, I could walk down to the KGB myself and buy some. Still Andre and I did love the Laborie Alambic, although with the bottle now finished (Dave Hughes took it back to Dynasty, his room) that too is probably now be out of stock. No wonder SA brandy is in such confusion when the best hotel in town is dry.