Mr. Delivery Needed at CWG Auction

Hot on the heels of the culinary melt down at the Bay Hotel lunch for OverHex Wines earlier this week, the food at Spier for the Cape Winemakers’ Guild Auction has dried up. And there seems to be no blogging whale on hand to inform her three readers. Dick Enthoven, who owns Spier, also owns the parson’s nose of Nando’s, so perhaps the few party buckets not eaten by Sylvia Lucas, Premier of the Northern Cape, could be sent over to the Auction.

IMG 1125 300x168 Mr. Delivery Needed at CWG Auction

But winemakers are not complaining too much as we’re halfway through and prices are bumping R4 million. Retailers are looking glum as there are slim pickings. But what a historic day for SA wine. Soon we’ll all remember when the best of SA cost less than R1000 a bottle.

Alan Pick says the CWG will soon run out of zeros. He’s at R700K with R1.6 million his target, but with prices sky high, at least he’ll save on transport of the reduced volumes.

PS. The plot, but not the soup, thickens. Trolleys of food stand unattended in the Spier corridors, but the tables are still bare.

IMG 1129 e1380967654965 168x300 Mr. Delivery Needed at CWG Auction

Seems it’s not only the Northern Cape that suffers from service delivery problems!

IMG 1130 300x168 Mr. Delivery Needed at CWG Auction

Is this the caterer putting the finishing touches to dessert?

whale 200x300 Mr. Delivery Needed at CWG Auction