Dim Sum by Design

A Fine Brandies By Design tasting with Yang Zhao (below) at the Gallery this afternoon. The idea is to come up with some appropriate food and spirit matches.

IMG 1180 576x1024 Dim Sum by Design

Yang’s favourite was the Van Ryn 12 year old and she took the bottle off to her Secret Dinner this evening at Spier. Peking duck and VR12 is a no-brainer once you notice the strong flavours of over-ripe oranges. Peking duck cooked by the pioneer of the Beijing Opera pop-up. Delicious.

Klipdrift Gold hails from the Klein Karoo so could an ostrich pot sticker be on the menu? Flight of the Fish Eagle and a seafood sui mai makes sense. Wonder what Yang’s granny, a retired professor of revolution in Guangzhou, who cooked for Great Helmsman Mao on the Long March, would make of it all.