Lord Beaverbrook of Botrivier

A classic piece of dastardly disingenuity from a blogging baleine on Thursday morning who accused me of having a go at the new Platter publisher-designate before letting slip that the Randolph Hearst of Hedonism de nos jours is involved in a Wolftrap-sponsored steakhouse competition (another of octopus Reg’s myriad wine brands) and has serious Chenin connections in Bot River.

We’ll I’ve tasted the wine in question and think if Platter can reverse its antipathy to the people’s cultivar, it’s a small price to pay for sighted tastings. Besides, it already gets five sighted stars and you can’t get better than that. Even if your brother-in-law is the publisher. It’s like Joshua Doore – everyone now has an uncle in the furniture business. How ironic that the cottaging cetacean illustrates her eructations with a pic of the publisher pouting in Caveau, an establishment from which her bulk was banned!

truth 615x409 Lord Beaverbrook of Botrivier

As to the charge of avoiding public appearances like a Greta Garbo of the Grape, the last time I saw the Lord Beaverbrook of Botrivier Bordeaux blends, we all had to insist that Moby Dick be ejected from the Best Coffee Shop in the World (above) next to Mavericks as the gaseous eructations pollute the environment and disturb the dancers. To a cottaging cetacean, an establishment called Truth is like a crucifix to a Die Antwoord groupie.

As Andre commented “David Donde (below) kicked Von Ulmenstein out of Truth Coffee, as a function was being held, and JP Rossouw, and many of the other attendees did not want her present. I was there also, it was quite funny. The look on her face as she was asked to leave….priceless.”

dd 615x820 Lord Beaverbrook of Botrivier

I still remember handsome Heino Gehle, appointed publisher of Wine magazine shortly before it imploded. One of the side effects of having a pretty publisher is they’re one helluva lot easier on the eye than Teutonic troglodyte trolls who blog press releases verbatim in a vain attempt to drive negative Trip Advisor reviews of their establishments (showers blocked by pubic hair and other horrors too vile to discuss on a family-oriented blog) further down the Google hit list!

Meanwhile our own uniques on the Sunday Times site approach 30,000 a week and Avusa shareholders will soon be popping corkamorimcork Lord Beaverbrook of Botrivier
by Amorim Cork
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