WOSA wastes not one but two golden opportunities

Bumped into Christopher Bates, best sommelier in the world and his wife (below) at the CWG Auction. They live in the USA and found out about the Auction by accident. They are in SA as guests of WOSA, along with a group of other sommeliers from around the world. They have the evening off as their tour starts tomorrow.

IMG 1131 e1380970007853 168x300 WOSA wastes not one but two golden opportunities

How can WOSA let the chance to showcase the best of SA wine to a group of captive sommeliers slip through their fat fingers, greased as they are with foie gras from bloated expense accounts? Does WOSA not know that Veritas, the most important wine show in SA, present their awards in Cape Town this evening? Did they not know the CWG Auction was taking place today?

Heads need to roll, starting with that of Andre Morgenthal, who poses as communications directors. This incompetence is criminal. As one Stellenboschkloof winemaker commented “we need guerilla marketing, not marketing by gorillas.” Let’s hope incoming CEO Siobhán Thompson is listening from her Asian recliner.