Windmill Wonderland

Are windmills the whirling icons of the Karoo? This month’s High Life SA, in-flight magazine of BA and the best read in the country – period – includes “an affair with a colossus” by photographer Obie Oberholzer. Rather than the pornfest a teenager might expect, this is a visual feast of images from the Karoo. The great thirstland. My favourite is of the windmill museum at Loeriesfontein (below) in the Hantam Karoo.

IMG 1207 615x345 Windmill Wonderland

I think the place is run by the ouma of Stefan Gerber who now makes wine for Gavin Wilson at Lothian in Elgin. The chardonnay is amazing. Stefan is a direct descendant of ZAR president Paul Kruger which means he must be related to Rosa Kruger who is synonymous with old vines. Although she doesn’t look like one or Stefan, either.

We’ve had a windmill erected on Lemoenfontein to bring a bit of authenticity to the Swartland which is in danger of being overrun by nouveau Richie Riches from Franschhoekfranschhoekcellarwines Windmill Wonderland
by franschhoekwines
. I do hope they put “climax” on the tail fin. It will star in the upcoming food series being shot in the skuur by Kyknet and we expect to blow away MasterChefSA in viewership in the same way that Kokkedoor did. Without loads of blubber being blogged by beached killer whales. Meanwhile the next series of Kokkedoor is being shot in Prince Albert with a new wine sponsor who makes some of the best Sauvignon Blanc grown inland. My lips are sealed, but boy do I love this cultivar!!

Last time they shot Kok, it was so hot no water or salt was needed for the dishes as the chefs perspired so much, the air conditioning having been turned off by the sound man. This will not happen at Lemoenfontein, the jewel of the Siebritskloof, where cooling breezes start up like clock work at 2pm.

We’ll be bringing windmills to the Sanlam Food|Wine|Design festival next month, along with some Lemoenfontein Pinotage 2009. So if you want to taste what all the fuss is about, do stop by and say “hallo!”