ABSA = Aleit Besit Sjampanje (in) Africa

Shares in major SA banks hit fresh highs on the JSE yesterday in anticipation of the ABSA Champagne Festival at Summerplace. Firstrand trading as FNB (Fizz ‘n Bubbly), RMB (Rare and Mainstream Bubbles), Standard and Nedbank all shot out the lights as the true raison d’etre for banks becomes clear – to supply Champagne to consumers.

1  METAIR 3950 3951 100 2.60.% 190166
2  STEINHOFF 3826 3826 94 2.52.% 6144014
3  ELBGROUP 3998 3999 98 2.51.% 1200
4  FIRSTRAND 3548 3554 73 2.10.% 6969057
5  SASOL 50201 50849 1014 2.06.% 2334982
6  CML 7490 7506 137 1.86.% 462772
7  RMBH 4833 4841 83 1.75.% 1677329
8  STANBANK 12440 12479 205 1.68.% 3206847
9  REDEFINTL 811 830 11 1.38.% 340726
10  HCI 13961 13961 128 0.93.% 136354
11  EOH 7350 7350 56 0.77.% 249905
12  NEDCOR 20829 20933 129 0.62.% 637595


ABSA should put out a SENS announcement explaining their name which I’m betting stands for Aleit Besit Sjampanje in Africa (AOCA in English) as the Stellenbosch designer Aleit Swanepoel brought boere bling to Sandton and then some.  Was the theme a Greek Temple (a retro style much beloved of Sandton office park designers)?  A Louis XVI salon?  A library in the Hellfire Club?  You check out the paps below and send your answers on a post card to Top Billing.

IMG 1211 615x345 ABSA = Aleit Besit Sjampanje (in) Africa

IMG 1226 615x345 ABSA = Aleit Besit Sjampanje (in) Africa

IMG 1228 615x345 ABSA = Aleit Besit Sjampanje (in) Africa

I selected my ABSA Top Ten blind (drunk) and will blog the results once the auditors have signed off on the selection and the frontrunners have loaded up the boots of their Ferraris.

Meanwhile good progress is being made on plans to replace Johannesburg jacarandas with posters for RMB WineX at the end of the month.  Although the Ferrari was too low and too fast to confirm that the venue for this year’s festivities is indeed the Reptile House at Johannesburg Zoo and I missed the Wine Lizard at Summer Place to confirm.  

Even worse than missing the Lizard was missing the Louis Roederer Champagne he imports, which is strange as they gave him a wine writing award last year which a cynic may easily confuse with an incentive reward for buoyant sales. Reptile lovers should check with their closest branch or ATM for the venue and opening hours of WineX.