Pale aquamarine for Platanna 2014

Moving swiftly along from the SA Sauvignon scandals that are becoming terrifyingly boring, our attentions turn to the colour of the Platanna sighted wine guide for 2014. Next year Cape Town becomes World Design Capital, and the colour of such an institution as the leading sighted wine guide, sets the tone for the rest of the year.

aqua1 Pale aquamarine for Platanna 2014

“Queezy” is one adjective that comes to mind.  “Seasick” is another.  Will Platanna 2014 resemble the rumour featured above?  Black would have been more appropriate given the depths of despair in some sections of SA wine. But let’s hope the dwindling band of loyal visualizers (2014 print run has been reduced) will be happy with the appearance, at least, of the first edition of the old warhorse produced under Diners Club command.