Wade Bales Wows Cape Town

One week before RMB WineX steam rolls into Jo’burg in a blizzard of dead-tree ads and SA wine shows are taken to the Next Level by Wade Bales. Wade gazumps the  Wine Lizard like a modern day fairytale, squeezing out both WineX Cape Town and Whisky Live Cape Town with a 1-2 sucker punch.  Aphrodite and chic replace Mammon, Carmen curlers and bow ties as you can see for yourself in the paps below.

ss 615x461 Wade Bales Wows Cape Town The sold-out affair was such a success, Wade immediately sighed up 15 on Orange for next year. Alas, I was on the other Orange, the Nandos one, where one of the hazards of owning river front property is fishermen squatting under you deck and playing with your dogs. For the most emotive and beautiful perspective on men and their dogs, check out Sir David Tang in the Weekend FT.

IMG 1315 615x345 Wade Bales Wows Cape Town

Here lizards rejoice in the name Bloukop Koggelmander and only wear bow ties on very special occasions. Wine farm owners clearly love Wade’s World. Is the wildlife this beautiful in Sandton?

pc 615x461 Wade Bales Wows Cape Town

Wade has placed the SA wine show circus on the next level. Wheels of Parmigano and oozing Bries! Generations Y and Z instead of paunchy Xers and balding Baby Boomers. Wade, call your event WadeZ (pronounced Wade-zee) now that RMB WineX Cape Town is corkamorimcork Wade Bales Wows Cape Town
by Amorim Cork

wbb 615x461 Wade Bales Wows Cape Town