Improper Relationships

Seems the complaint of the former secretary general of the Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group, Pieter de Waal, hinges on two sentences I blogged shortly after Veritas. “So which wines will the Big Man of SBIG, Pieter de Waal, be pouring for the international Somms, no doubt in his personal capacity, at 3pm on Tuesday at Uitkyk? Obviously FNB faves as he is the very Ask Pieter the tasting chair would quiz whether the panel had missed anything during the blind tasting.” Turns out I was mistaken, as of the dozen wines Pieter poured that fateful day, only one quarter were FNB Faves. Talk about endorsing the selection, NOT!

Of course it should be the panel chair complaining to Times Live and not Pieter, if this is indeed a complaint in his personal capacity as he insists in a slanderous email blogged by Angela Lloyd, the Solly Kramer of tasting sample sales, and not one on behalf of the SBIG. The comment “did we miss anything” was vouchsafed by someone present at the tasting.  Perhaps it was joshing and said to Pieter as a joke.  But my point is to emphasize, in my usual humorous way, the improper relationship between Pieter and panel chair. And I’m not talking the love that dare not speak its name here, either. Unfortunately.

ow Improper Relationships

Well dear reader, judge for yourself. The chair tastes Pieter’s brand Hermit on the Hill sighted for Platanna. Pieter placed the chair in die kussings – certainly this seems to have been in his remit as he offered me a berth on the Sauvignon Blend Competition which seems to have subsequently fallen through the cracks.

The happy pair even eloped to France to taste at the international Concours du Sauvignon after cuckooing me out of that nest.  I assume the chair gets paid to diss green-style Sauvignons Blanc by FNB. QED as they say in maths. All the current hysteria fanned by Anorak Angela, Toothy Tim and Wine Lizard (Platanna visualizers, all) is purely a smoke screen to protect the Golden Goose Platanna, drive readership to my own nascent blog and provide copy for my upcoming book Samples from the Boot of my Car, pace Biggie Smalls Lascaris.