Meaningful Coincidences

It seems to me that synchronicity is perhaps even more important than terroir in the world of wine. The FrancoItalian blend that blew my doors off yesterday was called Teano, an anagram of the street name I walk past every day on my way to Clarke’s Dining Room and Bar.

IMG 1518 615x345 Meaningful Coincidences

The food yesterday was cooked by Elena, sister of Vittoria Zicchela as she was two decades ago when we were finding diamonds together in Zimbabwe for De Beers. Then just before Clarke’s, I passed the Pepper Club and my mission today is to put together Pendock’s Pepper Pot Party.

IMG 1519 615x345 Meaningful Coincidences

Leigh Trout’s menu in full:


1.Smoked bell pepper risotto with peppered mackerel

2.Marinated mackerel with shallots,ginger,rosemary,rhubarb and sultanas
served with toasted rye shavings


1.Seared beef with a smoked paprika pepper rosti, Swiss chard and goats
cheese mousse

2. Rare ribeye with a back peppercorn sauce


Macerated strawberries with home made white chocolate rose pepper ice cream

Music: the Red Hot Chili Peppers on CD

rhcp Meaningful Coincidences

To drink:


Havana Hills Virgin Earth The Pepper Tree Sauvignon Blanc 2013, a wine that made the FNB Top Twenty but alas not the Top Ten. Which is quite ironic, as the FNB faves are loaded with coincidence, but a little bit of ancillary information suggests a scams rather than synchronicity at work.


David Finlayson’s spicy Pepper Pot 2012 which should see Davo crowned Diners Club Winemaker of the Year at the end of the month.

Tickets go on sale next week, so if you’re looking for an end-of-year party or a Christmas function with charisma…