Chivas looks towards an alcohol ad-free future

Subscribe to Business Day for six months before the end of the year – either e-paper or dead-tree (they cost the same which sounds crazy as electrons are a lot cheaper than trees and Amos on a bicycle) – and get a bottle of Chivas Regal 12 yo whisky for free.  Norman Goodfellows sells Chivas for R240 a bottle, so you’re looking at a 10% discount on the R2241 price.  Worth it to read Alec Hogg and David Gleason I’d have thought.

bd chivas page bottom 615x319 Chivas looks towards an alcohol ad free future

What a pity one of SA’s world beating brandies is not an option. Or has SA brandy abandoned the field? The promotion works on so many levels and I wonder whether Chivas gets your email as part of the deal. For when Bidet can no longer advertise the Scottish stuff – or indeed any alcohol – they have your number for direct marketing. Can you hear the loud snoring sound from SA brandy producers? It keeps me awake at night.