Classic Wine delivers the real five star awards

Hats off to Dominic Ntsele publisher of Classic Wine magazine, for calling time-out on wine show inflation this evening at the  Mount Nelson Hotel. After a year of blind tasting, the magazine dished out 78 awards including 4 five star stunners.  Quite a change to the fantasy vision of SA wine presented at the Vineyard Hotel less than two weeks ago when the Platter guide dished out 80 five star gongs from sighted nominations by a bunch of luvvies.  Pull the other one, Diners Club!  The big winners tonight were KWV (below) who won six awards.  Two vintages of Semillon confirm that they have mastered groendruif.

IMG 1698 615x345 Classic Wine delivers the real five star awards

The only sour note was thrown up by Dirty Harry Haddon trousering a bottle of Port as he left. “That’s so not cool” said Carrie Adams whose 30 minute slot on Classic FM has been doubled to 60 by popular demand. “He should have asked and we’d have given him a full one.” Perhaps he’s laying in stock to celebrate winning the Veritas Young Wine Writer prize on Monday.  Or to drown his sorrows if he doesn’t.

Of course, Dirty Harry, a waiter at Mama Afrika turned gonzo grog groupie, chose the wrong bottle. For as they say on the back label, “don’t dink and walk on the road, you may be killed.”  Perhaps by the husband of the lady in the furs you papped at the Veritas Awards. Hy soek vir jou!

IMG 1708 576x1024 Classic Wine delivers the real five star awards

Meanwhile in the absence of Anel Grobler from Spit or Swallow, we papped Danie de Bruyn from Rickety Bridge, showing off his pianist fingers below, as hottie of the evening. Danie has two pick up lines he tried out on our table prior to moving to New Zealand in January where he will make wine at Peregrine. “If the lady has a tan ‘have you been to Bermuda lately?’ and ‘I am quite good at rugby’.” We suggested claiming to be Tom Ford’s son might return better results.

IMG 1711 576x1024 Classic Wine delivers the real five star awards

His jacket (above) was the model of sartorial elegance. “It didn’t cost much. I bought it at Edgars.” Refreshing honesty a million miles away from the pompous pronouncements dished up by Platter. Heck, the only Swartland wine that featured the whole evening was the Pulpit Rock Rosé and I chaired that tasting panel.

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