Easy as ABC: African Brandy & Charcuterie

Canada’s funniest home video of all time was surely Toronto mayor Rob Ford denying he’d asked a colleague to let him eat her pussy, citing the defence “I’m happily married.  I have more than enough to eat at home.” Torontonian tourists should head on over to Societi Bistro on Orange Street this week for a revolutionary charcuterie and brandy pairing illustrating the joys of a diverse diet. The spirit comes from Fine Brandies by Design and the meat from the well-hung Richard Bosman whose sausage and chorizos were the talk of the town at Food|Wine|Design last month.

IMG 1672 615x345 Easy as ABC: African Brandy & Charcuterie

A pleasant afternoon tasting last month at Societi confirmed the following matches of brandies Flight of the Fish Eagle, Oude Meester Demant, Klipdrift Gold and Van Ryn 12 with Richard’s delectable dishes:

Wagyu with Demant
Klipdrift with lardo
Cured pork fillet w. Fish Eagle
Chorizo w. Gorgonzola butter w. Van Ryn 12

IMG 1668 615x345 Easy as ABC: African Brandy & Charcuterie

Wagyu parcels with cream cheese – Place a teaspoon of cream cheese onto a piece of wagyu bresaola, make a well in the cheese and drizzle with olive oil. Wrap up the sides of wagyu to form a wonton shape parcel. Garnish with black pepper and chives. Deluxe version is to use a drop of truffle oil.

IMG 1669 615x345 Easy as ABC: African Brandy & Charcuterie

Lardo toasts (above) – Heat ciabatta, ideally on a griddle. Place a thin slice of lard onto the hot toast. Squeeze of lemon and grind of pepper.

IMG 1670 615x345 Easy as ABC: African Brandy & Charcuterie

Cured pork fillet – Thinly slice pork fillet, place on baby gem leaf. Top with tomato onion salsa. Dress with olive oil and pepper.

IMG 1667 615x345 Easy as ABC: African Brandy & Charcuterie

Chorizo and Gorgonzola butter – Cream equal parts butter and Gorgonzola. Spread onto bread/crostini. Top with slices of chorizo picante.

IMG 1673 615x345 Easy as ABC: African Brandy & Charcuterie

As Peter Weetman, owner of Societi dreams “imagine a tile with a bowl of pickled aubergine nestling in the middle. Around the pickle are a selection of hand crafted charcuterie:

First is a slice of wagyu bresaola with shards of pecorino and a drop of balsamic reduction,

The second is thinly sliced chorizo picante with a tiny quenelle of gorgonzola butter,

Thirdly two thin slices of cured pork fillet topped with a caper berry, &

Lastly, four is bruschetta topped with lardo.

On a separate wooden board the four splashes of brandy will be presented with the tile. The waiter will run through the appropriate pairing with the guest.”

IMG 1675 615x345 Easy as ABC: African Brandy & Charcuterie

Thank heavens the whale cottage troll is banned from Societi as after a recent vajacial, I hear she is unstoppable. Yuck!