Spectacular Sauvignon Blanc

From Schalk Burger, resident philosopher of the Winelands, in reaction to last night’s post on CVC. A treatise on ambiguity including several gems such as “CAN AN ATHEIST GET INSURANCE AGAINST ACTS OF GOD?” and “WHY ARE HAEMORRHOIDS CALLED “HAEMORRHOIDS” INSTEAD OF “ASSTEROIDS”?

Whenever I think of haemorrhoids, a veteran sighted taster hoves into view in baggy green tracksuit bottoms that look like a fashion statement for the assteroid afflicted. This year saggy rated Strandveld Vineyards for a leading sighted guide. Sighted would seem to be the best way to taste Elim Sauvignon Blanc for the flagship Strandveld 2012 got 4.5 stars while the bigger volume First Sighting 2012 had to settle for 3. Veritas, which assesses wines blind – some would say a fairer methodology – had it the other way round. Bronze for Strandveld and gold for First Sighting. The “wrong” answer.

IMG 1845 576x1024 Spectacular Sauvignon Blanc

After a bottle of 2013 First Sighting with Christelle Reade-Jahn from the SA Brandy Foundation today at Mint Restaurant with a Bombay tiffin, I suspect Veritas is on the right track as First Sighting 2013 is stunning and for me, borderline 5 stars. All perfume and spearmint. Which would push the Strandveld 2013 into the realm of six or more stars. But we’ll have to wait until next year to see, by which time First Sighting 2013 will be sold out. Confirming how quickly dead tree guides become stale and out of date.

So is Elim top terroir for SA Sauvignon Blanc? Something for the Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group to investigate after the furore earlier this year on allegations of inappropriate coaching during the annual FNB Top Ten tasting that seems to have produced an emphasis on over-acidic styles that destroyed the credibility of the annual FNB selection. A workshop to explore the wide diversity of styles available would help right the wrong caused by those pushing an agenda greener than saggy tracksuit bottoms and just as unfashionable.

harvey Spectacular Sauvignon Blanc

Meanwhile First Sighting also makes me think of whales (“thar she blows!”) and a revolting blogger whose grasp of the English language leaves much to be desired. Moby on the CVC: “The association membership criteria alone will rule out some of the up and coming wine estates, who buy in grapes from elsewhere to make their wines, or who are smaller. The Swartland wine estates are particularly visible by their absence. Request: If you like our blog, please would you vote for it for the SA Blog Awards? Thank you.” How dire is this? A self-promoting cetacean. Whatever next?


Please don’t forget the 81 one-star “your guesthouses are shit” ratings that @WhaleCottage got on Tripadvisor