Standard Bank Wine Scam?

Now that Standard Bank owns the controversial Platter sighted wine guide through its subsidiary Diners Club, you’d expect some ethical standards to apply. But below is a Platter five star certificate on the wall of a tasting room in Stellenbosch, dated three weeks into the future. It looks like it was signed by someone who does not work for the guide.

IMG 1898 615x345 Standard Bank Wine Scam?

WTF? Perhaps Diners CEO Ebrahim Matthews and Diners director Reg Lascaris can explain what is happening? Time to earn the big bucks, big boys! In addition to these two “managers”, why are Standard Bank shareholders paying a fat salary to JP Rossouw to act as publisher when there seems to be an imposter signing certificates in 2014?

What confidence can SA consumers have in recommendations from a sighted wine guide that operates three weeks in the future with awards signed by retired fat cats?  Fred Phaswana, have you any idea what is going on?