Class in a Crisis

The news that a BA jumbo crashed into a building at OR Tambo last night reveals the lighter side of being British. For starters, the Telegraph calls OR Tambo, Johannesburg Airport. Then one of the passengers moans about the class system deployed in an emergency. According to the Daily MailHarriet Tolputt, head of media for Oxfam… posted on Twitter: ‘BA plane crashes into building at J Burg airport. No one injured only the pilot’s pride. Not impressed that first class passengers get off before premium economy during an emergency.'”

ba crash 615x344 Class in a Crisis

Don’tya just love grounded Harriet standing her ground and pointing out that she flies premium economy while moaning about the toffs up front? But wot about the plebs in poverty class and nice to see a charity worker on a semi-gravy plane. Has Oxfam’s head of media shot herself in the foot? It is churlish to ask how punters donating to Oxfam feel about charity workers flying premium economy while they fly poverty, as perhaps Harriet got an upgrade. Far better for Harriet to have left Oxfam out of the equation, as Justine Sacco will confirm.

Of course we expect First Class fliers like the Wine Lizard on Air France recently to be served plutocratic potations, but when it comes to emergencies, surely its women and chidren first?