Whale Beer?

The Cape is in the grip of a craft beer frenzy at the minute. Yet Icelanders on holiday will search in vain for craft beer made from whale meat. Icelandic brewery Steojar makes a brew from whale meal in association with whaling company Hvalur. The Independent reports that “the 5.2 per cent alcoholic beverage has been produced to coincide with a mid-winter festival in honour of the Norse god Thor, and its makers claim those who drink it will become ‘true Vikings’.”

thor Whale Beer?

Whales are used as whale meal is “healthier” as it is low in sugar and fat but high in protein. A possible component of the Professor Tim Noakes cave-man no carbs diet. Whale meat is boiled down to extract oil and the solid by-products are then dried, ground up and used as animal feed or to make beer.

 Whale Beer?

The Independent quotes Steojar owner Dagbjartur Ariliusson that the brew will be sold from 4 January to 22 February but it “is not being made for export.” Other sources quote the dates as 24 January to 22 February but local blogger whale cottage is taking no chances and has changed his number plate from Whales WP to the more discreet CA 133 272.

He also seems to have removed all the soap from his Camps Bay guest house in case it is made from whale fat. According to Trip Advisor “there are certain ‘basics’ one expects at a four star guest house like toilet paper and soap for example. My room had neither! When I brought this oversight to the attention of the owner she was rude and dismissive and refused to apologize. The guest house is in a great location but the owner is rude and unhelpful which contributes directly to the negative energy that permeates the place. I would advise that you avoid like the plague. Four star prices with 1star service. (In fact even one star hotels give you toilet paper and soap).”

photo 77 615x384 Whale Beer?

It is sad that this self-appointed whale crier for Cape Town tourism sets such a bad example.