Size Issues

Boy is my face red! There I was thinking controversial blogger Whale Cottage was a man after hearing “him” called “Chris” when it seems “she” is a German Fräulein, if the recent TripAdvisor reviews of her Camps Bay guest house (below) are correct. As perhaps the most visible and certainly the most vocal of the Cape’s many guest house owners, her relentless bad press is bad for business for everyone.

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Perhaps she should spend more time cleaning her establishments and less time at wine functions where she invariably makes a spectacle of herself. A twilight career as a wine writer was always a long shot. Although TripAdvisor does demonstrate, in a most effective way, the power of the interwebs. Immediate feedback and a warning to other consumers.

How long before a WineAdvisor site pops up to warn winos away from bum steers? It would be an excellent platform for the Wine Lizard to list the Sauvignon Blancs he hints are diluted with H2O. A scandal on which the Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group [SBIG] are suspiciously silent. Surely silence does not indicate consent?

Back on the subject of outsize outrages, I was shocked to read that Edgars has suspended Size Up. Where does Kobus Wiese shop now? Is this part of the anti-fattism fad that has taken over SA society? Wines from big producers are routinely rubbished, big restaurants are ignored by Eat Out judges and Camps Bay guest houses are trashed because their beds are too big.

But could the tide be changing? As our dynamic collective cellars confirm everyday, size zero is not for heroes. Forget about “hug a hoodie”, hug a hugey, rather. You know its the right thing to do.