UK diplomats serve plonk in SA

In a slap in the face to SA wine, the Daily Mail reports UK diplomats are serving plonk and Ferrero Rocher (below) at official functions, to keep costs down. “One guest at a high commission party in South Africa told the newspaper: ‘We were told it was a black–tie do, but it turned out to be in a breezeblock building that was the staff bar. ‘I arrived late and was given the last glass of cheap plonk, only for a lackey to then appear and ask to swap my glass with a plastic one because the real ones had been hired and needed to go back.'”

fr 615x454 UK diplomats serve plonk in SA
The UK is the #1 export destination for SA wine. WOSA needs to step in urgently to improve the quality of wine sourced by UK diplomats. Perhaps Sir Lunch-a-lot, Andre Morgenthal, can assist?

Either that or British Consul-General Chris Trott should meet Johan Wegner from to lay in some decent stuff. Whatever next in this mad rush to austerity? Will they be putting up Prince William in a grotty Whale Cottage guest house?