Distell to move into brewing?

Was it a slip of the mouse that led Lebo Mukansi to call Distell a brewer in a curious article in Bizcommunity called “the opportunities in the alcohol advertising ban”?

“Top 3 Brewers (SAB, Distell & Brand house) spent around R1.5bn in advertising in 2012 in the wake of the coming legislation on restricting alcohol marketing and sponsorship this can become a big supply development opportunity.”

ian Distell to move into brewing?

Well former rising star at SABMiller Richard Rushton is now firmly ensconced in the La-Z-Boy recliner at Aandewagenweg and learning Afrikaans, too. But to call Distell a brewer, is pushing it a bit. Brand house too. But with one of the best distillers of whisky on the payroll in the shape of Andy Watts, there is mileage to be had in craft beer matured in Three Ships barrels.

Ola Dubh are showing the way with Highland Park whisky. Brewer Ian McNally is shown above looking like a reincarnation or family of Ivor Cutler, greatest Scottish bard after Burns. The rest of the brewing crew look like the cast of Train Spotting. Brilliant. This is what Wellington is up against. As they say in Harviestoun, “nay problem!”