Heritage Square becomes Hedonists Square

Heritage Square in central Cape Town should be renamed Hedonists Square as its already home to one of SA’s Top Ten restaurants (Bistrot Bizerca) no matter what Eat Out and the Cape Times may think. Heck, Rossouw’s Restaurants can’t even get the name right – another thing for owners Diners Club to fix. They call it Bizerca Bistro. For ages Savoy Cabbage has been the best place to eat offal and now the culinary IQ is being raised by Liam Tomlin moving in with his Chef’s Warehouse complete with upside down ‘s’s’ on the sign (below). Franschhoekfranschhoekcellarwines Heritage Square becomes Hedonists Square
by franschhoekwines
‘s loss has become the Bo-Kaap’s gain, but Liam was always to cool for Disneyland.

photo 78 Heritage Square becomes Hedonists Square

On the wine side, I Love My Laundry offers some unexpected cuvees and home delivery of your clean smalls while Chrisophe Durand is opening up a winery in the former foundry next to the Cabbage. His award winning wines will be vinified this harvest at Steenberg but from next year he’ll be the second winery in the Square which boasts the oldest vine in the Southern Hemisphere from which M. Jean Vincent Ridon makes one of the rarest wines produced in the Cape at his brave Signal Hill Winery. Christophe reckons that if the winery doesn’t work out, he’ll open a nightclub. But with The Bunker rocking across the road, there’s no shortage of places to dance.

There’s the best Simply Asia franchise, an art gallery, a boutique hotel, a steakhouse and a hairdresser. What more could a girl ask for? While for boys, there’s a modelling agency upstairs with Size Zero models sent to tease diners feasting in the enclosed courtyard. Is this what heaven will look like? Certainly Bree Street is Ground Zero for fun in Cape Town.