SA Wine in the USA

Calvert Woodley is the largest wine retailer in Washington DC and one of the Top Ten nationally. This week they’re featuring SA wine and their selection speaks volumes:

cw 615x635 SA Wine in the USA

Not a single wine from SA’s largest producer Distell or Cape Legends. Nothing from DGB or KWV either. The SA big boys clearly still have to climb Mount Vernon. A couple of interesting choices:

Passages is a brand of Ron Gault, one of the quartet of Black Diamonds who make Epicurean. He gets three wines and they’re highlighted. Mulderbosch is now owned by American Charles Banks so that’s not too surprising. Several of the wines are not listed in Platter like Indaba and who makes a Chenin Blanc called Royal? While the unlisted Jam Jar is in Andre Shearer’s Cape Classics stable. As Diners Club is an American franchise, you’d have thought CEO Ebhrahim Matthews would have liked to see it in the sighted guide he owns. Oh, sorry. He doesn’t drink.

The best value is to be had from Excelsior and Riebeek Cellars. And in Cognac with Courvoisier and Remy Martin way cheaper than they are available for in SA. Japanese distiller Suntory bought Courvoisier yesterday as part of Jim Beam for $16 billion so stand by for further discounting as the spirit world coalesces around the big four of Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Suntory and Bacardi. But how about 1.75 litres of Famous Grouse for under $30? Are SA whisky drinkers being ripped?