Creation Coup

Quite a coup for Hemel en Aarde heavyweight JC Martin to have his 2013 Creation Viognier chosen as Olly Smith’s Pick of the Bunch in the Daily Mail yesterday. For when it comes to market clout, Olly is the man.  The Mail sells 2.4 million copies on Saturdays and the 4.3 million readers of the 1.5 million copies sold daily includes more of the A, B and C1 social classes than the Financial Times, Guardian, Times and Independent, combined.  Olly is clearly king of the laundy list and is the most influential SA wine commentator on the planet.

viog Creation Coup

How sweetly peachy, Viognier-like even, to have the most expensive wine in the line-up, recommended for “a treat.” France is relegated to the “budget” bin and a comedy turn as an “elegant Frog” while Aussie has to settle for “organic.” With “a glittering freshness as bright as a diamond”, Creation Viognier is a triumph. Creation starts as odds-on favourite to win the WOSA monthly trophy for export achievement.