Counter Clockwise Ernst

One of the guests of Ayama at the Friuli Feast last night was Ernst Pichler (below with his wife at Twankeys this morning, kick-starting the day with a glass of Graham Beck Rosé). IMG 2139 615x345 Counter Clockwise Ernst Ernst is a miller from Austria now developing a marina in the Seychelles. He taught me an interesting swirling manoeuvre last night. If you wish to suppress a young, sharp wine, swirl it anti-clockwise, away from your body. If you wish to enhance the flavours, swirl in a clockwise manner towards yourself. It’s all to do with biodynamics and as the father of biodynamism, Rudolf Steiner, was also Austrian, he may be on to something. It certainly worked with the Ayama Sauvignon Blanc 2013 last night.