Best Value Rosés

Action Man Vladimir Putin posed with a Persian leopard cub to advertise the Sochi Winter Olympics yesterday. “Putin entered the cage and petted the leopard on the head. ‘We liked each other,’ he said. Some journalists accompanying him weren’t so lucky. They apparently upset the big cat, which scratched one of them on the hand and bit another on the knee, Russian news agencies reported.”

Let’s hope WOSA’s UK “journo’s” on an early freebee to the Cape at the minute don’t upset the animals. And let’s see if Su Birch can use her still warm WOSA contacts to get them to visit the Breedekloof.

puti Best Value Rosés

Reprocessing the Best Value Guide scores into more user-friendly quality values, it comes as no surprise to report that Hansie van Niekerk’s Two Cubs is top of the pops. As I noted yesterday, Knorhoek looks like its the best value all round winery in SA. Well certainly among the ones that entered the blind tasting.

Knorhoek Wines Two Cubs Rosé 2013 15.20 R30.00
Overhex Wines International Balance Best Blend Shiraz Rosé 2013 14.70 R27.99
Kumala Zenith Rosé 2013 14.70 R30.00
Eikendal Merlot Petit Verdot Cuvée Ros
é 2013 15.00 R32.00
Van Loveren Family Cellar Tangled Tree Moscato Rosé 2013 14.50 R26.50

24 Rosés ranged in price from R26.5 to R69 and were scored blind between 14.3 and 15.2 – a remarkably tight range of scores with less than 1 point separating the “worst” from the “best” which confirms how useful a quality value is. Hansie’s cub retails for R30 but its quality value is R49.85 – a discount to quality of 66%.