Embrace your inner Vespa

Friuli is like a London bus. Nothing for ages and then along come two together. Last week, our Friuli Feast at the Taj with Walter Dri and his succulent socks. Today Renzo Scribante with the sharpest sideburns in town. Sideburns that make Morrissey look like a poseur.

IMG 2191 615x345 Embrace your inner Vespa

Mozzer comes to mind as Renzo imports Friuli wines made by the Bastianich family in Friuli and La Mozza in Tuscany. Although Mozzer would not have been impressed with the antipasti served by Daniel Toledo at a trade tasting of Bastianich wines at Il Leone as “meat is murder” was the theme.

IMG 2195 576x1024 Embrace your inner Vespa

Oh, and there were oysters but Daniel didn’t know where they were from. They were excellent and went superbly well with the best white blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Picolit called La Vespa Bianco 2011 – the wasp. It may cost nearly as much as a scooter and is nearly as elegant.

IMG 2194 576x1024 Embrace your inner Vespa

Although Friuli is famous for its whites, the reds are not too shabby either with the Refosco 2011 impressing for R160. It’s like a Friuli version of Pinotage: rustic with ample fruit and power and no nail varnish or iron banana.

The SA Sommelier Association was out in force so lets hope some of these wines percolate onto restaurant wine lists. They are certainly worth searching out.