Sauvignon Steering Committee – where are the boere?

SA may produce 1 in 10 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc sold in the world but when it comes to a steering committee recently set up by the Concours du Sauvignon – the premier forum for Shrek style wines – SA is conspicuous by its absence. Funny that as at our first Good Value Guru Soirée on Monday at the Taj Hotel from 5-7pm, we’ll be featuring 88. So there is no lack of support from SA producers. Just organizational paralysis and confusion.

cms Sauvignon Steering Committee   where are the boere?

As the organizers put it “leading international grape varieties such as Sauvignon blanc dominate today’s global wine scene due to the standard of wine and easily recognisable buying cues they offer consumers amongst the vast array of products on sale. What is known though about their worldwide acreage, the range of styles they can produce or the current state of research designed to enhance their archetypal characteristics and sense of place? What is consumer perception of these varietals in key export markets and how do consumer trends influence their style?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered by the steering committee founded by the organisers of the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon. Eight industry members with proven editorial skills and knowledge of the grape variety have been selected to shed light on the inherent qualities of Sauvignon blanc. Every month, they will contribute to an information database providing dedicated literature for the industry and consumers. Despite its international ubiquity, Sauvignon blanc undoubtedly has yet to reveal many of its qualities and idiosyncrasies. This ‘one-stop information shop’ is geared to supplying in-depth, varied and topical articles to a dedicated website and social media. 

The initiative highlights the fact that the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon is more than just a competition between producers and appellations. It is primarily aimed at fostering dialogue and creating a meeting point for industry specialists.

An opportunity missed by SA producers as the panel has representation from New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain and Chile. But not SA. To rectify this grievous omission, the Good Value Guru will be sending the steering committee our tasting notes and quality value assessments for the Shrek 88 we’ll be tasting blind on Monday. We will even send them a six pack of our best quality value wines if WOSA will pay for the shipping.

For SA Sauvignon is too good to be left to discredited activists like the Hermit on the Pill and the FNB Top Ten Sauvignon Competition. Perhaps hermits should stick to their caves and bankers to counting their pennies and leave Sauvignon to people who enjoy drinking the stuff.