Calitzdorp and Climate Change

“We had our annual rainfall in January” said Boets Nel as we arrived in Calitzdrop this afternoon. “Thanks for bringing the sun. I never thought I’d have to say this in the Klein Karoo.” The climate, like the times, they are a changin’. So could Outeniqua become the new New Zealand? Judging by the Garden Route Sauvignon Blanc 2013 we had with lunch, an argument could be made.

IMG 2281 576x1024 Calitzdorp and Climate Change

I’m hoping to join Wade Bales on a trip out west to Virgin Earth next week. Clearly the SA wine appellations are migrating and the trick will be to discover the new prime terroir before the grapes are grubbed up to plant onions. Which may be the fate of the Sauvignon vineyards from which Boets sources this stunning Sauvignon. Perfect with the lunch below:

IMG 2282 615x345 Calitzdorp and Climate Change

We’re now off to stomp some Port grapes. Winnie Bowman has a pedicure booked for next Tuesday, so we have to figure out some plausible excuses for her red feet.