Tangled up in Green

The foyer of the Taj Hotel in central Cape Town became super green last night for the first Good Value Guru Soirée as guests browsed 98 Sauvignon Blancs. One less than the neunundneunzig luftballons of 1980s German anti-nuclear rockers Nena and wines, not balloons. Anel Grobler from Spit or Swallow models the Tangled Tree tropical Sauvignon Blanc from Van Loveren in front of remarkably similar foliage:

IMG 2319 615x345 Tangled up in Green
Floral notes were a common denominator of many of the wines and the flower arrangements in the foyer

IMG 2323 615x345 Tangled up in Green

while British Consul General Chris Trott was happy to find a diplomatic tipple from Maastricht served in a wine glass rather than the plastic cups customary at some diplomatic do’s. He’s with Come Dine With Me SA superstar Aubrey Ngcungama who is involved in vital diplomatic efforts to improve the quality of wine served at official functions. Ukraine can wait.

IMG 2315 615x345 Tangled up in Green

Meanwhile the profusion of new labels proceeds apace with this doozy observed between the flowers:

IMG 2318 576x1024 Tangled up in Green