SA Sauvignon: a sudden cause célèbre

SA Sauvignon has suddenly become a cause célèbre after being attacked for lacking terroir by Olivier Poussier, best sommelier in the world in 2000, earlier this month.

IMG 23921 615x345 SA Sauvignon: a sudden cause célèbre

Olly was ventilating at the awards dinner for the Taj Classic Trophy Wine Show at that well known inner city Cape Town hotel that bans whales, much to the relief of all wine lovers. But does Olly have a point? Are SA Sauvignons shite?

Hats off to Ultraliquors for sponsoring the inaugural Mussels in May festival on May 31 when wine lovers will be able to put Olly’s opinion to the test when we taste off Sauvignons from Darling and Durbanville, two top terroir addresses for the cultivar.

IMG 2417 615x345 SA Sauvignon: a sudden cause célèbre

The event, organized by Luke Krone (above) from an idea I had in the shower in January, will surely be a sell out as only 200 tickers are available so best book tout suite. R150 buys you a commemorative tasting glass, 1Kg of mussels prepared by Den Anker’s brilliant Belgian chef Doekle Vlietman and as much Darling and Durbanville Sauvignon Blanc as you can drink responsibly.

photo 94 SA Sauvignon: a sudden cause célèbre

So much for the contention of the dreadful Sauvignon chancer Hermit on the Pill in ‘n Bril (above) who implied that I hated the cultivar in the Sauvignon Wars last year!