Giant oesters at the oesfees

There is always something unexpected at the annual Solms-Delta Oesfees. This year it was giant oysters from Saldanha at R30 a pop. They were totally amazing with an aftertaste that lasted all the way back to Cape Town. Oh for some old JC Le Roux Pinot Noir MCC. Gerhard Claasens, where were you?

sd1 615x461 Giant oesters at the oesfees

The oesfees is special for many reasons: it includes people from all age groups, all social classes and all colours. Below, one of the jongspan lies passed out on the road. The organizers give away 2000 tickets to farmworkers in the Valley which is a lesson for most other Winelands funskies that are depressingly monochrome.

sd2 615x461 Giant oesters at the oesfees

The ATKV plays a leading role at the fees and what a pity it takes place two days after Hennie Aucamp moved on to the great library in the sky. Below is another Afrikaans literary legend holding up a tree at the entrance to the fees. Can you guess who it is?

sd3 615x461 Giant oesters at the oesfees

The wines are a big step up from last year with the Amalie 2012 blend of Viognier, Grenache Blanc and Roussane my pick of the whites while the Hiervandaan 2011 Shiraz blend, chilled, blew my doors off. Alas, craft beer has arrived at the fees and was the drink of choice for many of the manne in leather hats and khaki shorts. That it was served in 500ml plastic cups probably had something to do with it but come on Mark Solms (below) is this what an oesfees is all about?

sd4 615x461 Giant oesters at the oesfees

Beer has a continual harvest, being made from genetically modified mielies or imported barley. Wine, on the other hand, comes just once a year, like Santa, which is why we celebrate the harvest.