Orly Whip

The French must take these en primeur tastings seriously as there was no flight from Charles de Gaulle today and I had to bus it over to Orly to fly to Bordeaux. The free Air France bus only cost me E21, so that was reasonable. It nearly cost me E31 when the driver gave me too little change. Isn’t it curious how mistakes always happen in the other’s favour? Here is the view from the window of the lounge this morning.

orly 615x461 Orly Whip

The wines on the  Air France flight up from Jo’burg featured an oxidized 2011 Macon-Lugny chosen by Olivier Poussier, the bête noire of SA Sauvignon Blanc after his controversial comments at the Taj Classic Wine Trophy Show earlier this month. Olivier runs the Air France selection and I wonder if his customers really do prefer clapped out Chardonnay to zingy Sauvignon Blanc. I know I didn’t. Still the 2006 or 2008 Medoc was really very fine and was great with the Tournedos although there was a missed opportunity with no sticky selected for the duck foie gras.

Program Bordeaux 14 page 0 615x434 Orly Whip

Judging by the program for the en primeurs tasting (above) we’re in for a busy week. Hope my own liver holds out!