Silent Sauternes

The en primeur tasting of millésime  2013 is on at Château La Lagune and this afternoon, pourers outnumbered the tasters by at least 2:1. Which is quite ironic as while tasting numbers are seriously down for the reds, they’re still crowded when compared to the stickies.

stickies 615x461 Silent Sauternes

Of the tiny turn out, two had serious SA connections: Janåke Johansson, a leading importer of SA wine into Sweden and Junel Vermeulen, a flying Cape Wine Master. The stickies on offer were totally stunning with my favourites the Château de Malle and Château Rieussec. The Château Filhot had serious sulphur issues while the Château Doisy Daëne was delicious and there was a passing Dubourdieu on hand – looking like a young Peter Sellers – to pour.

When it comes to names, Sauternes has the grandest handles: Sigalas Rabaud, Archie (a comic cuvée), Lamothe Guignard. Quite why they are not the belle of the ball is not clear. At least to me.