Dumpy Decorex

Decorex, a show of pickles, pine poles and pretension at the CTICC this long weekend was saved from becoming a total Verimark showroom by the presence of middle-aged Madonna Annie Lennox, papped here below, an angel walking towards the light.

IMG 2788 615x819 Dumpy Decorex

With Cape Town World Design Capital this year you’d think that the creatives would have made an effort. Or are we just all designed out? It was a non-event for wine: a Graham Beck wine bar inside (below) and a KWV gourmet corner outside. Which doesn’t bode well for the Du Toitskloof SA Wine Writers Competition this year with topic design and wine.  Looks like there is none.

IMG 2787 615x461 Dumpy Decorex

Shimmy’s Beach Club was there (why?) next to the Pole Yard with Manscape 1 and Dene Botha. All Decorex lacked was some pole dancers from Mavericks to make the exhibition the celebration of suburbia it so desperately has become.

IMG 2786 615x461 Dumpy Decorex