A White Blend for Cyclists

Jeremy Borg learnt marketing at the feet of the master, Charles Back, whose 2012 Spice Route Grenache, slightly chilled, is my usual accompaniment for tapas for two at Liam Tomlin’s Chef’s Warehouse which serves some of the best food in Cape Town i.e. SA according to Eat Out magazine. It’s on Bree Street – of course – as this thoroughfare is the trendiest in the city.

Liam’s new spot confirms that Franschhoekfranschhoekcellarwines A White Blend for Cyclists
by franschhoekwines
‘s loss is Mother’s gain, his place in the hoek being taken by Sir Richard Branson who seems to have bought Mont Rochelle. No doubt soon to be renamed Mont Richard and not to be confused with Branston Pickles. Sir Dick, memorably called a “a smiling jumper” by Lord King, the former boss of BA, is a regular at Ultra Liquors in Greenpoint. A store with a special on at the moment for Salon Champagne. A snip at R3500 a bottle. Real gravy train juice.

From trains to bikes, Jeremy has obviously learnt a thing or three about concept wine as his Painted Wolf Peloton 2013 white blend of Chenin, Roussanne and Viognier appears to be the first wine to capitalize on the cycling craze that has replaced golf as the thing yuppies do.

IMG 2789 615x819 A White Blend for Cyclists

Above Peter Weetman, the most networked Capetonian and proprietor of Societi Bistro, puts it through its paces at lunch today. It’s quite a serious affair with liquid fruit salad flavours aplenty. The “critter label” by Lori Bentley will ensure brisk sales in the American market.

Of course if anyone is to make a cycling wine, you’d expect it to be Klein Constantia as the owners perchanced upon the historic estate while out cycling. But with oligarchs in the sites of President Obama at the minute, perhaps KC has decided to keep a low profile.