How to sell SA wine overseas: lesson 1

Link it to something SA is famous for: mining, rhinos, rugby. As Christian Bedat (below) proved last year when he bought 16 cases of Pinotage: Naughty Boy of SA Wine from the maiden exhibition of the Pendock Wine Gallery @ Taj for his shop in Biarritz. The wines were a great success and are now sold out. Shelley, he’d like to reorder…

IMG 2806 615x819 How to sell SA wine overseas: lesson 1

The Springboks were playing Les Bleus in Paris and Christian decided to celebrate by hosting a Pinotage tasting in the rugby-mad South West corner of France. Zero support from WOSA or the Pinotage Association, which makes you wonder why producers fund these bodies.

WOSA’s main contribution to SA sales in the Low Countries seems to be to rip off producers E1900 for a stand at wine shows when if they could read Flemish, they’d figure out they cost E1000 each. Why does WOSA increase producer costs when they already suck up R35 million a year of industry money? If they sold some wine, it might be an easier pill for producers too swallow but at the moment, its a fat rip-off.